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Inventory Management Software

Inventory Management Solution IMSStreamline Your Inventory Management System with Uluro

With Uluro, our top-of-the-line CCM software, your print and mailing business gets a full selection of client communication solutions, including our inventory management software. This complete inventory solution allows you to easily manage your stock, warehouse, and re-ordering.

Uluro offers the best inventory management software for mailing companies. Our simple-to-use system keeps track of your entire stock of supplies - including different types of envelopes, paper forms, and other printing and mailing materials. Even with stock in multiple locations, Uluro’s inventory management system (IMS) gives fast and easy access to the quantity of supplies on hand, as well as data on how much of each product your business uses.

Save time by eliminating the chore of counting stock by hand, and rest assured you always have as much mailing materials as you need at any moment. Our IMS simplifies your inventory management and works with the rest of Uluro’s CCM software to keep your entire process running smoothly:

Document Composition Software Multi-Channel / Omni-Channel Delivery Data Security and Protection Payment Processing Solution Automated Document Factory
create high quantities of mailing or billing materials in minutes with our industry leading document composition solution 

Uluro Cloud
send customer communications on your client’s preferred channel with our multi-channel and omni-channel delivery software

keep critical client data secure in all situation without exception

become a fully-featured EBPP or EIPP provider with our online payment processing solution

have visibility on your entire production process with our ADF, print, and mail tracking solution

Make your entire customer communications system more efficient and convenient with our CCM software. You’ll be able to create, send, and receive documents; accept payments, track in-house mail, and manage in-house inventory all in one streamlined process.

Uluro: refining your in-house mailing process, saving you money, and improving your overall customer experience.  

Inventory Management Solutions for Mailers and Warehouses

Inventory Management SystemUluro’s lean manufacturing design gives you the best control over all resources for print and mail establishments. With the ability to define all required inventory when data arrives and provide pick slips and multi-location management, Uluro reduces the need for job delays due to stock not being ready. Uluro supports the use of cycle counting and detailed usage reporting, providing better costing and ordering as well as reducing on hand quantities.

With the ability to manage thousands of envelope types, paper forms, and materials, Uluro gives you a windows based interface to quickly view how much of any customers stock you have on hand, how much was used in the last week, month, year, etc. within seconds to eliminate the chance of one of your sites being caught with a job they cannot fulfill. IMS or Inventory Management System is a module that enables tracking and management of all your stock, and provides full integration into the Uluro suite to ensure materials are available when needed.

IMS uses complex business rules and processes to simplify your management of materials, freeing up resources for your organization. The easy to use GUI and location management system can identify where all items are in seconds rather than having staff hunt items down.

Uluro’s inventory management software features:

  • Envelope configuration
  • Paper weight and type setup
  • Warehouse management
  • Automatic re-ordering
  • Complete stock management
  • Cycle counting
  • Reduce your stock on hand
  • Automate your reorder points
  • Control stock placement
  • Barcode all materials
  • Automatically deplete used stock
  • Manage Wastage
  • Remove the need for inaccurate year stock counting
  • Ensure you have stock to run your jobs
  • Multiple location support
  • Box and palette configuration
  • Image support to ensure items match loaded pictures
  • Abundance of pre-configured reports
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