Become a Fully Featured EBPP or EIPP Provider with Uluro's uPayments Payment Processing Software

Best Online Payment Processing SoftwareUluro, an innovative, industry leading CCM software, provides mailing and distribution companies with a full range of client communication solutions, including uPayments.

uPayments, the ultimate payment processing software, allows you to easily send electronic bills to your clients and securely receive payments on their behalf, for the lowest rates.

With uPayments, you have the option of sending bills or payment reminders though traditional mail, email, or text messaging. Your customers will then be able to make their payment via check, online dashboard unique to your brand and their customer experience, or simply by replying to the text message - allowing you to charge their credit card accordingly.

Join the Paperless Movement with Online Payment Processing Today!

Going paperless, or reducing paper use, with our electronic payment processing system saves your business money on paper and postage. uPayments simplifies payment processing for both you and your customers, and easily integrates with the rest of the Uluro CCM software modules and services – to round out and improve your entire customer experience. Uluro modules include:

Document Composition Software Multi-Channel / Omni-Channel Delivery Data Security and Protection Automated Document Factory InventoryManagementSystem

easy and fast document composition software

Uluro Cloud
multi-channel and omni-channel delivery system allowing you to connect with your customers on the platform they prefer

(SmartData) – revolutionary security product providing unmatched protection for your clients’ critical data

ADF, Print, and Mail Tracking solution providing 100% visibility throughout your entire production process

Inventory Management
IMS simplifying the management of your in-house materials (via defined inventory as it arrives, pick slips, and multi-location management capabilities)

Our complete communication management platform streamlines your entire customer communications system. You’ll be able to create, send, and receive documents; secure all incoming and outgoing files and payments, track in-house mailings, and manage in-house inventory - all in one convenient software program. Uluro offers the best electronic payment processing software in the industry for traditional mailers, bankers, and other companies/organizations requiring easy client communications and billing.

Electronic Payment Processing Solutions

uPayments enables mailers to add EBPP, eBill, EIPP or Payment processing to bills and invoices without the headache of months of programming. uPayments is a simple solution allowing traditional mailers to securely accept payments on their clients’ behalf.

Uluro uPayments utilizes Transformations’ OnceAmation technology, replacing coding and integration with checks boxes and drop downs. Our payment procession software allows Mailers and Communication providers to set something up once and deploy it across multiple customers without the need for web or database developers.

OnceAmation – Set it up once, and have complete automation.

Traditionally many people who use outsource providers send bills to one provider and utilize another for online payments and eDelivery. Uluro allows the billing provider to quickly and easily offer secure online or text message and IVR-based payments for their client without the need for development.

uPayments: Saving You Money and Streamlining Your Payment Processing

One of the amazing features of uPayments is the high-level of integration into a large payment processer, eliminating the need for costly gateways.
Uluro uPayments supports many high level requirements for B2B and B2C billing:

  • Partial Payments
  • Future Payments
  • Over payment
  • Re-Occurring payments
  • Guest payments for payments without the need for an account

With the ability to support and set up:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Amex
  • Discover
  • Check
  • ACH

Full support for convenience fees or processing fees. Many billing companies like to offer ACH. However, end users like to use credit cards. uPayments fully supports payment method based fees.

uPayments is the only simple, secure, fully-featured payment solution that enables traditional mailers to become fully-featured EBPP (Electronic Bill Payment and Presentment) or EIPP (Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment) providers for their clients.

Guest Payments are very popular in the utility and healthcare markets, giving customers the ability to pay one time without the need to establish an account or authenticate into a payment portal.

uPayments is fully integrated in to Uluro uDeliver to support text message based payments and outbound IVR.

Uluro uPayments supports web based online payment, text message-based payments, IVR-based payments, and tablet-based payment through a secure web browser.

Contact Uluro's payment processing software developers for more information on uPayments and how it can streamline your payment processing.