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  • Look Inward for Postal Savings

    Are you following developments in the postal world? Staying informed is important. But spending too much time trying to predict the effects of legislative actions, union positions, or top management decisions can be a distraction. Our recommendations for small to medium size mailers and the vendors that support them is to continue to monitor what is going on with the USPS at the national or regional levels, take advantage of changes that go their way and do their best to minimize the effects of... continue reading.
  • Betting the Farm: Hoping You Don’t Have a Privacy Breach

    Recently, widespread and well-publicized privacy violations cost businesses in the US an estimated $6.5 billion in a single year. Most of the incidents were preventable. Have you thought about privacy and security lately? It’s worthwhile to periodically review how your document workflow protects the private information that may be flowing through your shop. Perhaps document operations haven’t been attractive targets for identity thieves (so far). But they do have an exposure to acci... continue reading.
  • HIPAA Risks for Document Operations

    Rolling the Dice with HIPAA Many facilities that produce documents containing personal health information (known as PHI to the regulatory authorities) don’t have a real appreciation for their exposure to fines, penalties, and negative publicity should the data or documents fall into the wrong hands. Document center managers should be aware this data is covered by regulations such as HIPAA and HITECH. The Office of Civil Rights is responsible for enforcement of the privacy laws and they ha... continue reading.
  • Be Compliant, Get Certified

    Audit and Monitor for Regulatory Compliance Do you process any data or documents that are covered under HIPAA? What about those other regulations like PCI or GLB? If you can’t answer those questions for sure then you could have a problem. A violation, even an accidental one, could trigger an investigation. And an investigation that reveals a lack of preventative or reactionary processes can make things worse. Ignorance is not a defense. It is better to know where you stand. You may alrea... continue reading.
  • ADF Essentials for Today’s Document Facilities

    Implementing ADF Today There are many choices available today that allow an organization to choose the portions of their document operations workflow where additional automation, tracking, and control make the most sense for them. It is no longer necessary to buy a package that does more than you need. This makes it a lot easier to attain a reasonable return on investment. And todays Automated Document Factory (ADF) systems are easily expandable as requirements change. Drivers for ADF Investme... continue reading.
  • 10 Essential “Going Green” Questions for Document Center Managers

    We realize that printing and mailing  is a misunderstood industry by some environmentalists. There are ways to be “Green” in this industry and show the world how we use renewable resources responsibly while conducting our business. It is all about Sustainability. The USPS has a number of initiatives in  place. The goals and objectives of an environmental initiative can sometimes seem too subjective to allow action to occur. This list gives managers some things to cons... continue reading.
  • Managers – Stay Educated!

    Educated Managers Make Better Decisions The document printing and distribution industry is similar to most other businesses today. It is driven by technology and changing fast. Managers that don’t keep up with trends, innovations, and advancements are putting their careers on the line. For a long time it was OK to operate within one’s own shop; managing the day to day issues, getting the work out, and not worrying too much about what was happening on the outside. Not any more. In ... continue reading.
  • It’s Not Easy Becoming a Marketing Services Provider

    A Word to Marketing Service Providers A number of companies today describe themselves as marketing service providers. In the not-so-distant past, some of these organizations might have been known as commercial printers, letter shops, or service bureaus. But they have changed their focus. The transition isn’t easy. For one thing, being a marketing service provider requires a whole different sales technique; the rate card isn’t so important anymore, and the procurement-oriented cont... continue reading.
  • Come Out On Top – The Service Provider Evolution

    Service Bureaus Face Transitional Times Print and mail service bureaus find themselves in a transitional time. The marketplace is demanding complex and comprehensive solutions more than ever before.  For some, the transition could be a little rough. Moving from traditional services such as direct mail, statement printing, postal processing, merge/purge, and mailing to one that includes channel preference, triggered responses, electronic distribution, mobile, and social media has been diffi... continue reading.