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  • A Word to Marketing Services Providers

    A number of companies today describe themselves as marketing services providers. In the not-so-distant past, some of these organizations might have been known as commercial printers, letter shops, or service bureaus. But they have changed their focus. The transition isn’t easy. For one thing, being a marketing services provider requires a whole different sales technique; the rate card isn’t so important anymore, and the procurement-oriented contacts these companies have with their ... continue reading.
  • Disaster Recovery is Crucial to Your Business – Learn Why

    There are two types of print service providers in the world – those who have experienced a disaster and those who will… Nobody really wants to think about an unpredictable future event that keeps their business from processing work on behalf of their clients. Customers count on their vendors to consistently print and mail critical business documents like bills, statements, or claim forms.An extended outage will likely cause customers harm and could spawn lawsuits, SLA fines, or los... continue reading.
  • Six Ways to Waste Money on Print/Mail Projects

    Sometimes we get so caught up in the minutia that we overlook the obvious. Make any of the mistakes below and the results can be devastating – and expensive! Wasteful Print And Mail Practices: Producing Duplicates Just defining what constitutes a duplicate can be a challenge. The rules will change from job to job depending on the purpose of the documents and the condition of the data. Customers should confer with the document center for guidance. The duplicates can be eliminated or comb... continue reading.