Manage your customer communicationsWeb-based, client-facing collaboration tool

uCampaign is a web-based, client-facing collaboration tool for managing the marketing materials and messaging used in variable data transactional documents. It removes the need for complex programming and clumsy spreadsheets. Quickly and easily create, manage, and approve your communications across multiple digital channels.

Control all elements of the marketing campaign.

Using a web-based wizard, customers can quickly and easily accomplish many tasks all without leaving their desks:

  • Add Onserts or Inserts as campaigns to run for designated time periods based on certain business rules
  • Import documents created in Microsoft Word
  • Add variable data messaging
  • Enter promotional information for use in a document’s white space
  • Edit defined message areas
  • manage defined letter templates or images
  • Include images of inserts and onserts (PDF attachments)
  • Customers can approve jobs
  • Specify delivery time frames
  • Specify whether a campaign is to be sent using print or electronic media, including SMS messaging or HTML email
Document Composition Software Multi-Channel / Omni-Channel Delivery Data Security and Protection Automated Document Factory InventoryManagementSystem

easy and fast document composition software

Uluro Cloud
multi-channel and omni-channel delivery system allowing you to connect with your customers on the platform they prefer

(SmartData) – revolutionary security product providing unmatched protection for your clients’ critical data

ADF, Print, and Mail Tracking solution providing 100% visibility throughout your entire production process

Inventory Management
IMS simplifying the management of your in-house materials (via defined inventory as it arrives, pick slips, and multi-location management capabilities)

uCampaign Sample use Cases:

Conventional campaign management tools often limit customer control and put service providers in the position of being responsible for accumulating, managing, verifying, and controlling elements of a customers’ campaign. In contrast, uCampaign puts the customer in charge and streamlines every step of mail and electronic campaigns to increase accuracy, efficiency, and deliver communications faster using each recipient’s preferred media. uCampaign gives service providers and their customers a measurable advantage in managing and delivering effective campaigns within transactional documents, SMS messaging or HTML email. Additionally, uCampaign can import data files and run campaigns based on user data.

  • Insurance - Enable your compliance department to change state-level legal Information within minutes and send to legal for approval without a long IT project. Enable marketing to change product branding and messaging based on calendar events rather than purchasing expensive pre-printed forms that may never get used.
  • Utility - Add yearly water quality or financial reports to your monthly bills within minutes by attaching a PDF to your existing mailing. Change marketing messages for community events on the statement to improve response rate rather than using inserts that have a poor retention rate.
  • Debt Collection - Don’t struggle with verbiage changes and incorrect language that may affect your ability to collect on a debt.With uCampaign letter content conditions and language is at your figure tips and can be updated daily before sending your data file for processing.

In summary, it is a web-based client facing collaboration tool that will enable your clients to make direct document modifications online. This tool allows you to pass certain controls/responsibilities on to your customers and prevents you from messing with busy work that you are likely not charging for anyways. I would expect your insurance customers to be all over this and would be willing to pay for it.

Core features and benefits include:


Deliver communications through electronic and physical mail channels.

Review document changes, review inserts and onserts, and images with business rules before approving in a secure audited web experience.

Streamline management of text and images, sharing content and automatically saving latest versions. When version tracking is enabled each modification of images or text is automatically saved to version control.

Document changes are easy to setup and manage, and can use variables & conditions to customize messaging for daily weekly or monthly recurring print runs without additional IT or development intervention.

Quickly create and manage content with an easy-to-use web-based editor.

Easily setup new jobs, manage notifications and assign approvers.