Transformations Easy. Efficient. Economical. Uluro for Postal Solutions, inputs, design, file grouping, SQL, print, sorter, confirmation procedures Transformations Easy. Efficient. Economical. Uluro for Postal Solutions, inputs, design, file grouping, SQL, print, sorter, confirmation procedures
One Simple Solution

With Uluro you can take advantage of all opportunities without being locked into an extensive and expensive implementation process!


A Front-to-Finish Integrated CCM Solution —Automated & Simplified

Achieve operational efficiencies with Uluro, a comprehensive customer communications management (CCM) software that addresses the need for organizations of all sizes to build their own unique customer communication workflow or solution.

Uluro’s easy-to-implement, integrated modules allow you to gain control over every aspect of your customer communications with:

  • Automation of complex processes
  • Omnichannel delivery capabilities
  • Faster implementation and turnaround times
  • Automated regulatory compliance
  • Intelligent, persistent data security
  • Client-facing online collaboration tools
  • Electronic presentment and payment options
  • Additional revenue streams to gain new business

When you choose Uluro you get robust, cost effective CCM software for digital and print channels that delivers everything in one reliable, automated, integrated source for an improved customer experience.

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A Multitude of Services from a Single CCM Service Provider

Digital Customer Communication Management Solution

Uluro is a digital customer communications management (DCCM) streamlining solution for B2B relationships. Our software improves the customer experience by intelligently delivering sensitive information that is ultra-secure yet easy to access.

Software Product Modules: uCompose, uWeb, uTrack, uCampaign, uBridge 

Multichannel Digital Communication

We help businesses reach their partners and customers through direct and indirect marketing channels. Mobile device applications, email, online web portal, instant messaging, social media, or internal communications platforms can be integrated, providing a cohesive way to manage communications and marketing. Track your data and communications seamlessly with Uluro’s comprehensive communication management systems.

Software Product Modules: uWeb, uTrack, uCampaign, uBridge

Secure Document Delivery (SDD)

Uluro raises the standard for distributing secure electronic documents by email or other tech platforms. We make security easy by removing the dated steps in encrypted delivery. One verification, one time, and the device is set to receive the documents as needed and even view them offline. Smart Delivery ensures proof of delivery as well as proof of access and a real-time, comprehensive audit trail. Thanks to this system, two-factor authentication is unnecessary—dated and less secure. Save your business from the apprehension of security risks and the time and money that goes into preventing it. 

Software Product Modules: uSecure, Smart Delivery

Secure Document Repository (SDR)

Uluro acts as an encrypted repository that stores all sensitive information in organized documents that can be accessed through multiple channels. Having a singular document repository removes the need for multiple services and hosts. Whether in the cloud or local, these docs in the Uluro system exceed privacy standards set by federal law, yet meet the demands of customers for convenient CX in today’s technological world.

Software Product Modules: uWeb, uSecure, Smart Delivery 

Online Document Management

With Uluro’s CCM software users can access, interact with, and manage an array of hyper-secure documents within the secure document repository. Documents can be made dynamic, providing a UX similar to a regular webpage. Electronic payments, document delivery, and confidential document creation and distribution can be worked on, stored, and sent without extracting them from a multi-layered security system with full audit capabilities. With Uluro, you’re in control. 

Software Product Modules: uCompose, uWeb, uSecure, Smart Delivery 

Secure Document Presentation (SDP)

Our secure document presentation works with the existing platforms of our customers to deliver any confidential document, including images, spreadsheets, pdfs, html, and more. Users can retrieve the documents on demand, and our delivery system allows feedback on document opening and viewing to ensure receipt and confidentiality. Docs can be sent with expiration and remote shredding since encryption is set at the data level.

Software Product Modules: uSecure, Smart Delivery

Electronic Bill Payment and Presentment (EBPP)

Uluro ensures electronic payments through the internet are protected against any breach, attack, or technical error. The value of having a payment platform built seamlessly into the other Uluro services is unmatched protection and confirmation of payment designed to work alongside other Uluro customer communication management systems. With Uluro, payment service providers can invest time keeping track of eBilling customers, not the number of services to need keep track of. 

Software Product Modules: uPayments

Scheduled Email Campaigns

Batch emails and newsletters are a great way to enhance your digital marketing strategy and reach a large customer base. When sending of pre-written emails, Uluro protects customer data and contact info while providing incredible control of customer communications. Track email engagement with confirmation of delivery and effective real-time feedback stating when an email has been opened.

Software Product Modules: uCampaign