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With Uluro you can take advantage of all opportunities without being locked into an extensive and expensive implementation process!


What is Uluro?

Complete Communication Platform Merging the Worlds of Lean Manufacturing and Document Delivery


  • Is a unique software solution applying lean manufacturing concepts to the process of creating, producing, and delivering mission-critical communications
  • Is an all-encompassing CCM solution ideal for enterprise mailers and print service providers
  • Is a complete multi-channel delivery suite for print and mail production sites offering true database managed document delivery
  • Is a continuous flow of interconnected solutions optimizing the process of data receipt, document composition, address management, production, tracking, and multi-channel delivery into a fully automated workflow
  • Streamlines customer communication with a fully integrated solution delivering personalized, relevant, and consistent communications through multiple channels
  • Supports personalization of print and electronic customer communications with a full range of outputs, including: print, email, web, fax, and SMS (with fully integrated bill payment options)
  • Quickly transitions a traditional mailer into a full business outsource provider capable of expanding their offerings to eDelivery, online presentment, and payment with full mobile and tablet support

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Uluro: Convenient for You, Convenient for Your Customers

Maximizing Efficiencies While Reducing Cost

Uluro has a lot to offer mailers:

uCompose – GUI Based Document Design and Data Layout Tool – Uluro’s easy to use document composition module creates critical customer communications easily and quickly, without the need for a programmer to properly create, style, and autofill your mail pieces.

uCampaign - Client facing collaboration tool for direct document modifications - The uCampaign program makes it easy to manage the marketing materials and messaging used in variable data transactional documents. It eliminates the need for complex programming and clunky spreadsheets. 

Uluro Cloud – Complete Multi-Channel Delivery Suite – The Uluro Cloud helps you deliver your customer communications through the channel preferred by your clients (web, SMS, fax, IVR). Easily access, create, and send invoices, billing statements, marketing materials, and other customer communications; with dashboards making it just as easy for your clients to access the information and pay their bills in seconds.

uPayments - Fully-Integrated Bill Pay Solution – Uluro’s uPayments module enables traditional mailers to add EBPP, eBill, EIPP, or payment processing to bills and invoices without any additional programming; allowing them to securely accept payments on their clients behalf.

uTrack – ADF, Print, & Mail Tracking Software – Uluro’s uTrack is a one stop job tracking solution providing complete database tracking, job visibility, mail piece visibility, and automated reprints. uTrack works with jobs from Uluro or external composition or print management solutions.

Inventory Management – Uluro’s inventory management software is a complete inventory solution for mailers, offering warehouse management, automatic re-ordering, and complete stock management.

uSecure SmartData – Secure Data No Matter What – Uluro’s uSecure SmartData is the most secure mail-processing solution on the market, setting new standards for uncompromised performance, protection, and privacy of data. With uSecure SmartData, you are in control of personal and confidential information throughout its life span; with a complete audit trail detailing who has had access to your data and what changes, if any, have been made to it. Data is persistently protected, even if a file is copied or stolen.