Emerging Technologies and Data Security Shape the Conversation at Industry Events


Our Transformations team recently returned from attending two important industry trade shows – the Document Strategy Forum (DSF) and the National Postal Forum (NPF). Both events have enjoyed a steady comeback with attendees and exhibitors ready to meet face-to-face again and learn what’s new in their industry. This year, neither event drew as many attendees as in times past, but those who attended were serious about why they were there.

Document Strategy Forum (DSF ’23) was held in Charlotte, North Carolina, May 22-24. This event is the only peer-reviewed and peer-produced educational event for professionals who are responsible for creating and managing content, communications and strategies to enhance customer engagement. We were excited to share a booth with one of our partners, Ironsides. What is great about DSF is that it gives you an upfront view as to what the professionals involved in content management, customer communications, and customer experience are focused on now, as well as where these industries are going in the future. This year, there was a great deal of discussion surrounding artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and the emergence of Chat GPT, and the ways these technologies will drive business going forward.

In addition to the new features that are enhancing customer communications management (CCM) systems, data security was a conversation topic that continued to interest everyone. Our president, Ryan Semanchik, along with Uluro’s Chief Information Security Consultant, Skeet Spillane, presented a session titled “Technology, Processes and a Plan: The Keys to Closing Security Gaps.” During this session, they outlined ways to assess gaps in security, thwart increasingly sophisticated attacks, and develop a risk mitigation plan for improvement.  The session also explained how the most advanced data security solutions (including Uluro’s uSecure) mitigate the risk of future cyber breaches while continually monitoring and improving security systems and processes.

The National Postal Forum (NPF ’23) was also held in Charlotte, North Carolina, May 21-24. Working directly with the United States Postal Service (USPS), NPF provides its attendees with comprehensive educational workshops and invaluable networking opportunities related to mailing and shipping. Hot topics at this event included the rising cost of postage and mailing materials, as well as how developments in AI can be used to further automate businesses and improve overall efficiency.

Like at DSF, data security concerns were also top of mind. Alexandria Gregory, our Vice President of Client Services, and Kevin Goss, Postal Source’s Vice President of Postal Affairs and Enterprise Solutions, led a presentation that shared the evolution of data breaches, the rapidly changing regulations that have developed as a result and the consequences of such an attack on a company’s finances, reputation and efficiency. Their session, “The Quest for Absolute Data Security When Outsourcing Print and Mail,” moved from there into an exploration of Uluro’s uSecure module to demonstrate why data-level encryption is far more effective in protecting against a breach than adherence to any one industry’s regulatory framework.

 We were excited for the opportunity to share the benefits of uSecure with this audience. What sets the uSecure workflow apart from other security solutions on the market is that while data at rest in a workflow is typically unencrypted, uSecure’s technology offers intelligent protection that travels with the file, keeping your data encrypted throughout the entire workflow. Additionally, uSecure offers true closed-loop protection from file receipt to output, full audit capabilities around data access and many other unique features. 

 If you missed us at DSF ’23 or NPF ’23, we still would love the opportunity to demonstrate why Uluro and its modules offer the most comprehensive, cost-effective CCM software on the market for securely creating, producing, delivering, and tracking critical customer communications. And if data security is a concern  (of course it is) , check out the listing of benefits uSecure will bring to your business here.

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