Streamline Your Mailing Process

The Most Innovative CCM Software on the Market

Uluro is extremely simple to use and increases the efficiency of your mailing process and digital communications by reducing setup time and eliminating human interference.


  • Enterprise Mailers
  • Data Center Processing Organizations
  • Service Providers
  • Letter Shops
  • Direct Mailers

How Does Uluro Add Value to Your Business?

Uluro is a single solution, enabling mailers to offer a greater range of services without months of custom programing. It accepts a wide variety of data files within the base offering, and is designed to connect to a wide variety of applications easily, delivering communication via print, web, email, text message or IVR. Uluro also provides the ability to offer Bill Payment services via web, text message, or IVR and adds additional revenue opportunities.The program is as user-friendly as a smart phone. 

Streamline your mailing process and customer communications by contacting Uluro’s CCM Software sales representatives today.