uDeliver Multi-Channel Delivery Tracking

Track Multi-Channel Delivery, Payment and Marketing Campaigns

uDeliver is a single integrated platform for managing and synchronizing delivery of traditional print and multi-channel delivery, payment, and marketing campaigns. With uDeliver, billers and service providers can let end recipients choose how they prefer to receive each communication. For example, when a recipient wants a text message to alert them to an upcoming appointment, they can receive an SMS. If they prefer a phone call to their home or mobile number, the IVR Editor can be set up to call them with the date and time of the appointment. Or maybe they’d rather receive a personalized email. In that case, HTML Email can be selected to send them a branded message with the information. Taking this a step further, a text message could include a one-button bill-pay option, such as “Press ‘P’ to Pay.” By combining choice, convenience, and ease-of-use, uDeliver provides a single platform on which billers and service providers can satisfy customer delivery preferences for integrated paper, web or mobile communications.

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