Mailroom Management Software from Uluro

Streamline Your Business With a Mail Management System

Uluro's complete inventory solution allows you to easily manage your stock, warehouse, and re-ordering.

Our simple-to-use system keeps track of your entire stock of supplies - including different types of envelopes, paper forms, and other printing and mailing materials. Even with stock in multiple locations, Uluro’s Inventory Management System (IMS) gives fast and easy access to the quantity of supplies on hand, as well as data on how much of each product your business uses.

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Inventory Management System for Mail Materials

Uluro’s lean manufacturing design gives you control over all resources for print and mail establishments, reducing job delays due to stock not being ready. Uluro supports the use of cycle counting and detailed usage reporting, providing better costing and ordering as well as reducing overstock quantities.

View how much of any customers' stock you have on hand, how much was used in the last week, month, or year within seconds. Eliminate the chance that one of your sites is caught with a job they cannot fulfill. The easy-to-use GUI and location management system can identify where all items are in seconds.

Leading Mail Management Software

Uluro understands the blistering pace of the modern business world. Uluro's advanced and simple-to-use Mail Management Software gives you a competitive advantage in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Contact us today to learn more about our Mail Management Software and the benefits it can provide!

Supporting Businesses Across The United States

Uluro raises the standard in Mail Management Software. We work with companies in nearly every major city including Charlotte, NC, Chicago, IL, Chattanooga, TN, Nashville, TN, Louisville, KY, New York, NY, and many more! 

Uluro’s Mailroom Management Software Features:

  • Envelope configuration
  • Paper weight and type setup
  • Automatic re-ordering
  • Complete stock management
  • Cycle counting
  • Automated reorder points
  • Control stock placement
  • Barcoded materials
  • Automatically deplete used stock
  • Ensure you have stock to run your jobs
  • Multiple location support
  • Box and palette configuration
  • Image support to ensure items match loaded pictures
  • Abundance of pre-configured reports
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