Complete Control of Confidential Document Delivery

Smart Delivery, Security and Management Beyond Encryption

Safe, convenient, trackable, Smart Delivery securely emails data-sensitive communications, backed-up with real-time auditing.

Smart Delivery is a secure customer communications delivery system that makes it possible to email sensitive data, such as healthcare records, insurance, or financial documents electronically. 

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Securely email & track opens of sensitive financial documents with no login portal

Safe, convenient and fully trackable, Smart Delivery is the only communication delivery system on the market today for safely emailing data-sensitive documents that can be accessed on your mobile device. 

Smart Delivery is the perfect solution for any organization that wants to email self-contained documents securely with verified proof of delivery to the intended recipients.

Customers are growing impatient with the time-consuming activity of following a link to again follow an online sign-in process within a web portal. With Smart Delivery, customer experience is streamlined and improve. 

Prevent data breaches with proof-of-delivery email tracking.

Often, proof of delivery using mail services like Certified Mail or Certificate of Bulk Mailing may never reach the intended recipient. Move into the future of secure communications with:

  • Secure distribution and access of sensitive data with the convenience end-users require
  • Full tracking capabilities for proof of delivery and proof of access
  • Device and user authentication with full audit information to track that the intended recipient accessed the document
  • Significant savings in postage and physical processing costs

Software as a Service, Medical Records/Healthcare, Insurance and Finance have more liability to protect. 

In many industries, data-sensitive customer communications are difficult to send electronically via an attachment due to stringent compliance regulations (like HITRUST, HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, SOC2). Smart Delivery is changing the customer communication marketplace with immediate competitive advantages that can allow you to do business securely and satisfy desktop & mobile and multi-device customers like never before.

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