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Suitable for Enterprise Mailers, Service Providers, Data Processing Centers & Letter Shops

If you are challenged by the complexities of high-volume production and distribution of bills, invoices, and other customer communications, the Uluro customer communication management software will streamline your mailing process and save you money. Uluro is designed to produce a full array of different types of applications (both B2B and B2C) spanning many industries.

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Ideal for any company distributing mail, Uluro is a unique CCM solution simplifying the design and creation of complex billing, invoicing, and communication documents. This single, complete mailing, tracking, and delivery solution can replace many legacy applications and greatly reduce associated staff requirements for mailings.

Benefits of Uluro to Enterprise Mailers:

  • GUI based designer reduces the need for dedicated application developers or contract staff
  • Multiple dashboard applications provide departments with a global view of all aspects of the mailing
  • OnceAmation – Set a job up once and have complete automation
  • Fully automated postal integration can ensure full service and USPS compliance for all your mailings
  • Uluro web features provide complete arching and can plug into any IT back end, or provide full eDelivery, Multi-channel and print suppression
  • Print manager and ADF support ensures every mail piece is tracked from data through postal insert and into the mail stream
  • Fully Integrated Omni-channel support to ensure you can deliver your communication to the end user across any channel


With Uluro, organizations can easily process millions and millions of mail pieces per month for hundreds of clients, as well as manage data and workflows. The Uluro data processing solution supports a large range of input data files - from legacy AS400, ASCII, EBCDIC and print images to PDF, XML, delimited, CSV and database imports - ensuring a single solution capable of handling all your client requirements. The data based managed delivery and preference based delivery options extend your services from traditional print to full color, high speed options with stock replication and a plethora of multi-channel delivery options. Uluro allows you to easily and quickly create templates (as well as replicate existing templates and documents) to ensure jobs are setup in hours rather than days or weeks.

Benefits of Uluro to Data Processing Centers:

  • Complete secure data processing solution
  • Ability to output using specific printer drivers to reduce tray call errors
  • Full color or pre-printed form support
  • Database centric provides complete job and piece level verification
  • Rules based delivery
  • Client facing reporting and web portal provides proofing and job status updates
  • Internal interfaces ensure each department can easily view jobs
  • Integrated, secure PCI compliant bill payment options
  • Text message or IVR based billing

Uluro is a single solution that can accept and process a wide range of data without the need for high-end programmers to develop campaigns and websites; enabling service providers to create, process, and deliver client communications without hassle.

Benefits of Uluro to Service Providers:

  • The most secure data processing solution on the market
  • Easy data parsing of financial, print image and legacy mainframe data
  • Ability to accept virtually any RAW data and many print ready data streams
  • Automation of Pre-Processing scripts
  • Postal Automation and web based reporting
  • Reusable workflows
  • Client notifications and secure self-service portals
  • SQL Backend with Complete Preference Management
  • Bill Pay, eDelivery, and Archive Solution
  • Text Messaging, Marketing Emails and IVR based communication and payment support

Uluro is the perfect product for any mail or letter shop looking for ease of use, fast deployment of projects, and value for money. Uluro can accept the easiest mail merge applications or complex files with hundreds of formats or variables. Uluro will process and print them across multiple devices in the best logical or postal order for inserting, getting the lowest mail rate with the least amount of work.

Benefits of Uluro to Mail and Letter Shops:

  • Fast setup of letters and postcards with RTF support
  • Easy to configure workflow
  • Dashboard to track SLA’s across Printers and Inserters
  • Ability to accept and sort large PDF files
  • GUI based Print Manager
  • Email Status Notifications
  • Web upload and web based Proofing
  • Ability to grow into eDelivery, archiving, and multi-channel offering

Uluro is a Print Shop in a box for direct mailers looking to expand their offerings into more complex marketing, communication, or billing applications. With the ability to connect to most inserters, Uluro can give you 100% mail piece validation for your complex and secure financial and medical communications. The Multi-Channel Delivery offering allows you to utilize cross channel communications to improve end user response and experience.

Benefits of Uluro:

  • Wide range of data input formats
  • Ability to group like jobs
  • Support for an unlimited number of variable letter formats in a job
  • Easy data segmentation rules
  • Automated Postal Solutions
  • North South Imposition support
  • Ability to turn Inserts into Onserts
  • Web based postal reporting
  • MD5 Check Sum reduces duplicate mailing
  • Secure web proofing

Uluro's transactional applications include:

  • Invoices
  • Statements
  • Collection Letters
  • Confirmations
  • Renewals
  • Notices
  • Compliance Documents
  • Policies
  • ID Cards
  • EOB’s
  • Declarations
  • Tax Forms
  • Checks
  • Plan Definitions
  • Coupon Books
  • Loyalty Programs
  • SMS & IVR Appointment Scheduling
  • Etc.

Uluro's direct mail applications include:

  • Marketing and Branding Applications
  • Newsletters
  • Self-Mailers
  • Postcards
  • Brochures
  • Multi-Channel Mailings
  • Mail Notification Messages
  • Announcements
  • Invitations
  • Letters
  • Coupons
  • Fundraising Pieces
  • SMS Marketing
  • Etc.

Healthcare: Hospitals / Surgical Centers / Clinics / Doctor Offices

Financial: Credit Unions / Banks / Asset Management / Leasing Companies / Credit Lenders / Mortgage Companies

Insurance: Auto / P & C / Life

Utilities: Gas / Water / Electric

Telecommunications: Cable / Standard and Long Distance Carriers / Cellular

Associations: State and National Associations / Nonprofits

Legal: Bankruptcy Trustees / Warranty Companies

Publishing Companies: Newspapers / Magazines

Collection Agencies: Letters/notices/ Invoices

Trucking/Distribution: L TL / TL /Invoices

Educational Institutions: Universities / Junior Colleges / Private Schools

Retail/Services: Health Clubs / Department Stores

Manufacturing: All Types