How Smart Delivery is Making Sensitive Regulatory Documents Part of the Omni-channel Future

In a white paper Transformations commissioned by Aspire Customer Communications Services to examine how enterprises are working to leverage digital communications to improve the customer experience. The goal was to explain how Transformations’ Smart Delivery software enables businesses to satisfy both consumer demand for seamless interaction and their service provider’s obligation to data security.  Consumer digital adoption has greatly accelerated, even among traditionally more reticent demographics, including older consumers and the less technologically sophisticated. The whitepaper stressed the importance of making it easy for customers to switch to digital.

 However, regulatory restrictions and technological shortcomings have long hindered enterprise efforts to make sensitive documents part of a wider, positive communications experience. Aspire’s consumer research found that 80% of respondents in the U.S. and Canada accessed a bill or statement and made a payment online after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic — 15% of them for the first time. Just under half reported that they downloaded a provider app or had gone paperless after the pandemic began, again with 15% doing so for the first time. A closer examination of these results reveals that the fastest digital growth is among demographics that have traditionally been hesitant to give up print.

 The young, the wealthy, the technologically sophisticated, and those living in households earning over $150,000 are more likely to value relevance, personalization, and omni-channel, bi-directional communications that allow them to seamlessly interact with and even respond to messages through a variety of channels. For Gen X and Millennials — generations of parents and professionals — time is perhaps the most valuable commodity, making faster and more convenient interactions that minimize friction that much more vital.

 Another critical consideration when moving to digital is compliance. Around one-third of respondents reported that regulatory compliance is a key factor in their organizations’ customer communications technology investments while a slightly higher percentage cited “risks and regulatory obstacles” as one of the greatest hurdles standing in the way of their efforts to improve customer experience. While critical communications are a vital component of the ongoing conversation between consumers and the businesses serving them, technological limitations and regulatory requirements have, until recently, made it impossible for organizations to send them electronically or make them part of a larger, more seamless and engaging experience.

 Enter Smart Delivery. Smart Delivery was specifically designed for organizations in industries like insurance, financial services, and healthcare that grapple with how to distribute sensitive regulatory documents electronically while offering convenience for end users and ensuring proof of delivery and proof of access with a full audit trail for compliance. Safe, convenient, and fully trackable, Smart Delivery is the only communication delivery system on the market today for safely emailing data-sensitive documents on any device from anywhere. Additionally, the customer experience is improved with the ability to provide secure one-click instant access to documents.

 Smart Delivery is more than just another security-based software. It will provide you unsurpassed security when communicating with customers in business environments where cybersecurity incidents and data breaches are on the rise. To access the Aspire whitepaper, “Smart Delivery: Making Critical Communications Part of the Omni-channel Future” click here.

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