Transformations 2022 Uluro User Conference Recap

We hosted our 2022 Uluro User Conference September 22-23 and, if we do say so ourselves, it was a great success!  Uluro users from across the country joined us at the iconic Union Station Hotel in Nashville for two days of informative sessions and networking opportunities with their peers, the Transformations team and leaders in the CCM industry.

 We covered a lot of ground in the conference. Here are the highlights:

 The value of customer feedback and input

Our information-packed agenda began with an update on what’s new with our CCM platform, Uluro, followed by sharing how our customers have been a major factor in the software updates. Their involvement in and contributions to our product development helps us prioritize not only what we work on, but also ideas for new product design. This year, we implemented a customer voting site that makes it possible for Uluro users to provide insight on current and future needs, suggest roadmap items and offer immediate feedback before releases. This has been so valuable in continuing our mission to focus on innovation.

 Major product enhancements

There were product enhancements to share, including our new uSetup, a solution focused on compliance that offers the ability to identify regulatory requirements for individual jobs; and the UI UX improvements in uControl that now offer new functionality to restrict what data users can access and view. Enhancements to uSecure, uCampaign, uCompose  uPayments and Smart Delivery were also covered.

 A new product announcement

We were excited to introduce Uluro’s newest module, the uDash Command and Reporting Center, a comprehensive, browser-based dashboard and reporting tool slated to be added to Uluro in 2023. It has everything needed to follow jobs and mail pieces through the entire workflow process as well as tracking electronic delivery and compliance. Uluro users can now take advantage of an interactive, updated dashboard that offers a visual representation of data with charts and graphs, default and custom reporting and advanced search capabilities to better manage their businesses and provide further services to their customers

 Technical sessions on best practices

These informative sessions were well-received as they covered issues everyday users might face, as well as tips on how to leverage all of Uluro’s modules to achieve the best outcome.

 Industry experts shared their perspectives

Pieter De Leenheer, Founder and CEO of Collibra, a data intelligence company, kicked off the conference, sharing the unicorn software story of Collibra, which spun off from Pieter’s data governance research at Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Pieter also spoke about today’s market forces and challenges when it comes to compliance.

 Next up was Andy Young, Principal Analyst and Director of Customer Communications Solutions at Keypoint Intelligence, who shared the latest industry updates, trends and insights from Keypoint’s recent transactional communications survey.

We also heard from Skeet Spillane, CEO, CISO of Pillar Technology Partners, on the changing cybersecurity landscape.  Nisha Begum and Jeanie Rees from First American educated the group on the many benefits of offering payment processing as a service.

 A glimpse of what makes Nashville unique

 We had some fun as well as we took a couple breaks from the conference to enjoy Nashville’s underrated culinary scene along with some music from world-famous Honky Tonks on Broadway.  At the end of the first day, we headed to Nashville Underground, a 40,000-square-foot venue with four rooftop bars, three stages for live music, bowling, arcade games and two mechanical bulls for some well anticipated fun and networking!  On Day 2, we hit Assembly Food Hall for lunch, a multi-level culinary and entertainment destination with 30+ eateries and bars and a massive rooftop terrace with incredible views of Nashville.

 Did you miss the 2022 Uluro User Conference? If so, reach out to Alexandria Gregory at to learn more about what was covered at the conference or to schedule a demo on any of our product enhancements. Thank you to all who attended—we look forward to seeing you next year!

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