An Industry-Leading Data Protection Solution

Our uSecure module offers the most secure data protection available on the market today! This data security software allows your print and mailing business to easily protect clients’ private information, from credit card data to medical documents.

Data Protected Even if Files are Copied or Stolen

uSecure is the only product on the market that can process data without first removing the protection. uSecure allows the data owner to set the rules governing their data. These rules are then embedded within the data and control every aspect of how the data can be used, when it can be accessed, and by what applications. uSecure is the leading data protection solution for any corporation that processes critical data such as HIPAA and PCI.

This data protection solution works seamlessly with our payment processing, customer communication, and other software modules to keep your entire production process simple, secure, and efficient.

Critical Data Security - Keep Your Business & Customers Protected

uSecure is focused on data integrity, privacy, and unmatched security. Give your customers confidence in the security of their information!

uSecure assists organizations in meeting data protection requirements for safeguarding intellectual property, financial data, and all other sensitive information.

Protecting Businesses Across America

Uluro's uSecure protects companies and businesses across America. We work with partners in nearly every major city including Charlotte, NC, Chicago, IL, Chattanooga, TN, Nashville, TN, Louisville, KY, New York, NY, and many more! 

Contact Uluro’s data security sales representatives to learn more about uSecure – SmartData and learn how it will keep your clients’ files protected today.

Explore the features of Uluro’s uSecure – SmartData below:

Uluro’s uSecure workflow removes the complexities and security issues around key management. There is no longer a need for your client to provide a key for the data.

The UXP technology within uSecure lets the protection travel with the data file. This eliminates the need for key management, documenting and controlling access to secure keys, or spending hours decrypting large data files for processing. uSecure simplifies the production data processing task.

uSecure advanced workflow enables processing, delivery and presentment of data without ever having to decrypt the entire data file. The revolutionary Uluro uSecure workflow reduces the risk of data breaches. No other production workflow can provide the protection provided by uSecure.

Uluro’s new uSecure workflow enables you or your client to include a “Use-by” date or destruction date.

No longer do you need to rely on script processing or calendars. uSecure imbeds an intelligent object within the data file that enables the data owner or the data processor to schedule a destruction date. The data can never be accessed outside of the date range and will be securely shredded should the data be accessible.

With uSecure, you can manage all your data destruction policies without the need for dedicated projects or massive data audits.

By imbedding an intelligent data object within every data file, uSecure reduces the inherent gaps in legacy workflows and protection protocols. The intelligent data object attempts to prevent unauthorized access and can notify data owners of usage and attempted intrusions.  

Other defensive tools gather forensics of the users’ environment including machine, user, and IP information. Embedding an intelligent security object within the data increases your data security, ensuring the file can effectively control access and prevent any breaches. Preventing unauthorized usage provides a competitive advantage and reduces the chance that you ever have to notify your client of a breach.

Make your data SmartData today.

The data is securely protected with 256-bit AES encryption and access is controlled by the imbedded intelligent data object. Only UXP enabled applications can access the data when all verification parameters set by the data owner are satisfied. These may include whether access is within the permitted time frame, is at the correct delivery location, or is within the correct application. Failure to meet any security criteria will result in access being denied.

uSecure ensures that your clients’ data are protected from unauthorized internal and external access at rest, in transit, and during processing.

The UXP technology behind uSecure eliminates these concerns by imbedding intelligence within the data file itself, providing a detailed audit log of all usage throughout the lifecycle of the data file. No longer do you have to rely on legacy hardware encryption and advanced user rights. The intelligent security object logs the who, what, when, and where of file access while gathering detailed data forensics about the machine UUID, IP address, hardware user, and software serial numbers. It can generate a detailed report that can be provided to law enforcement officials. The uSecure workflow completely documents all details of usage and access, giving your clients confidence that their data is protected while providing you with a competitive advantage over your competition.

Do you handle protected health information or Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (PHI or HIPAA)? These laws stipulate that all proper security must be used to protect medical data by both the medical provider and any data owner that has access to those records. This means that when you are responsible for the printing, mailing, or the electronic display of medical information, you must provide a secure environment to protect the data used in this processing.

Most printers and mailers center their protection around firewalls and encryption of data, but out of necessity with current technology, they leave the data exposed during processing. The uSecure SmartData product addresses this problem by providing persistent protection of the data during the Uluro document delivery workflow.

With ever-faster internet speeds, it takes only seconds to move a file from one side of the world to the other. Because uSecure imbeds an intelligent protection object within the data, you can control the location—the network and server—on which your data can be accessed. If an attempt is made to move files from a production network to a personal or unauthorized machine, access can be denied and the attempt logged and reported to a pre-determined individual. Controlling accessible locations from within the data is the only way to ensure that a file is used correctly. The intelligent protection in uSecure manages where your data can be used and who can access it. Ensure optimal authentication by controlling where a data file can be used with uSecure.