A New Age Of Data Security Opens With USecure From Transformations

Brentwood, Tennessee, October 7, 2012.

Data security as we know it today is an illusion. Every file, every database, every document can be hacked, pirated, corrupted, stolen, copied, and misused far more easily than anyone wants to admit. This fact is highlighted in the media on a frequent basis. In fact, with up to 90% of critical communication involving some form of confidential information, data protection and security is quickly becoming the most important issue in transactional document production.

“Typical workflows can be a black hole for data,” said Bill Tidwell, CEO of Transformations. “There are far too many places where data can be accessed without authorization. The traditional methods of firewalls and access controls are no longer up to the task when faced with sophisticated attacks, or even someone just walking out the door with a flash drive full of confidential data.” That all changes with the revolutionary software uSecure, the new security platform from Transformations that utilizes SertintyOne’s UXP protocol. uSecure offers closed-loop, intelligent data protection that travels with the file, keeping data encrypted from file receipt to output to archive.

uSecure’s unique technology closes the gaps in the security infrastructures of enterprises and service providers alike and minimizes exposure to compliance violations. Data owners can control the level of protection they desire and have full audit capabilities for tracking data access. Transformations has integrated uSecure into its highly successful Uluro software, the company’s end-to-end solution for enterprise mailers and service providers who are challenged by the complexities of high-volume production and distribution of critical customer communications. “A million names, address, SSN, and credit card numbers are only 1GB of data and can be downloaded in less than 60 seconds,” said Bill Tidwell. “More compliance laws are being passed and the penalties are becoming more expensive and far more publicized. With uSecure, critical information is protected from internal and external threats by embedding intelligent protection within the data itself, shielding it from illegal access wherever it goes and ensuring compliance with regulations.”

About Transformations

Since 1988, Transformations, Inc. has been an innovative developer and provider of business solutions for manufacturing and distribution centers throughout the country. Its software development efforts evolved over the years to include warehouse management systems, inventory control, and enterprise resource planning. In 2006, Transformations began development of Uluro, an innovative electronic document and statement production software. Uluro Beta was released in 2009 and is the most comprehensive Windows-based document automation software solution for large mail houses, print shops and presort houses.


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