Robust Inventory Management

Uluro IMS software solutions for warehousing and reordering

Streamline your inventory management

Uluro’s Inventory Management System (IMS) offers a complete inventory solution that allows you to easily manage your stock, warehouse, and re-ordering. Our simple-to-use system keeps track of your entire stock of supplies - including different types of envelopes, paper forms, and other printing and mailing materials. Even with stock in multiple locations, it gives fast and easy access to the number of supplies on hand, as well as data on how much of each product your business uses.  

Track consumable usage from receipt to production

IMS makes it possible to see where every item is located and quickly pull custom reports such as usage metrics and receive alerts for reorder-point reminders.  When IMS is linked to the Uluro platform, it automatically selects only available consumables for jobs during setup, assigns weights and thickness measurements for postal processing.