Electronic Delivery of Secure Documents

Smart Delivery cyber security software prevent data breach

Meet Smart Delivery

If you are an organization that grapples with how to distribute sensitive documents electronically, with the convenience end users are demanding and verified proof of delivery to the intended recipient, Smart Delivery solves those challenges. It’s a first-to-market solution that is a competitive game-changer in managing traditional communications. With Smart Delivery, you can now email data-sensitive documents on any device from anywhere, improving the customer experience with the ability to provide one-click instant access to documents.

Altering the way we send data-sensitive documents

Smart Delivery is more than just another security-based software. It is changing the way a company can communicate with customers in business environments where cybersecurity incidents and data breaches are on the rise. With Smart Delivery you gain peace of mind with its ability to provide:

  • Secure distribution and access of sensitive data with the one-click convenience end-users want
  • UXP technology that supports military grade protection of data
  • Full tracking capabilities for proof of delivery and proof of access
  • Auditing capabilities that ensure access only by the intended recipient
  • Significant savings in postage and physical processing costs