Five Steps You Can Take to Keep Your Confidential Data Protected

According to Accenture's "State of Cybersecurity Resilience 2021" report, from 2020 to 2021, there was a 31% increase in average cyberattacks per company, rising from 206 to 270 attacks. Accenture also notes a significant increase in indirect attacks, which are attacks on an organization through its supply chain. With the average cost of a data breach rising to $4.24 million in 2021, organizations cannot afford not to take data security seriously.

With hackers continually finding new and more sophisticated ways to launch cyberattacks, organizations are looking for new ways to close security gaps. Print service providers and enterprises are addressing security concerns by investing in up-to-date technology to protect confidential data from vulnerabilities.

While there are numerous ways to address the possibility of cybersecurity threats, here are five we recommend:

  1. Develop a formal risk mitigation plan. Assessing your customer communications management (CCM) processes will help you recognize gaps in your security program. This should include a thorough review of your systems and processes for potential vulnerabilities. Security concerns and areas for improvement should be addressed.
  2. Put safeguards in place to protect data. Reducing workflow steps to limit interaction with data, as well as integrating closed-loop protection with multi-factor authentication can decrease the opportunity for human error. Network monitoring and effective malware detection and protection software can play a significant role in protecting your data.
  3. Ensure the secure distribution of confidential data. Even though the number of delivery channels available to communicate with customers continues to proliferate, it is critical that rigorous privacy requirements of your industry are upheld, particularly for enterprises and service providers serving the healthcare, insurance and financial services industries. To add another layer of protection when sending confidential communications, technology should be added to ensure the document is only accessed by the intended recipient. This can include solutions that offer full tracking and auditing capabilities, in addition to proof of delivery and proof of access.
  4. Pursue security certifications. Customers look to work with organizations that have achieved security certifications for a reason! Pursuing certifications, including PCI DSS, FISMA, and HITRUST CSF, provides validation from a third party that your business has implemented critical risk management, privacy requirements and security controls that are compliant with the needs of the customers in your industry. These certifications also help a business stay up to date on the latest regulations and security concerns that are relevant to the industry an organization serves.
  5. Implement the most up-to-date data security solutions to mitigate the risk of security breaches. It is important to continually monitor and improve your systems’ security processes, identifying and closing any gaps. Our breakthrough solution, uSecure, was born from the need to better address industry-critical issues specific to data security. What sets the unmatched uSecure workflow apart from other security solutions on the market is that uSecure’s technology offers intelligent protection that travels with the file, keeping data encrypted throughout the entire workflow. Additionally, uSecure offers true closed-loop protection from file receipt to output management as well as full audit capabilities regarding data access among many other unique features. 

While businesses in the insurance, healthcare, and financial services industries are closely regulated in terms of privacy and security, the security practices of any company that regularly works with customer data needs to be strong and ongoing. There is no time like the present to decrease risk with unmatched data security. Find out more about uSecure today.

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