The Time to Add Payment Options is Now

In 2021, over six billion electronic bill payment and presentment (EBPP) transactions were made in the US. According to a Globe Newswire Report, the number is expected to climb to 35 billion transactions by 2026. It is clear digital billing, including SMS-based solutions, is not only here to stay, but these methods are also gaining huge traction in the wake of the pandemic. 

Mobility is key to new generations coming of age. From entertainment to appointments to grocery shopping to bill payment, consumers are used to having everything accessible through mobile apps on their phone. Additionally, the nature of work has changed. Employees are no longer confined to the office. In many cases, they can work from anywhere. What does this all mean for payment transactions? Customers today want bill payment solutions that are simple, convenient and meet them on the go.

The benefits of offering payment options that are simple and convenient are significant for not only consumers but also businesses when executed properly. With so many digital payment methods available today—such as credit or debit cards, mobile money, mobile wallets, and more—it is important to offer a variety of payment options. Having an integrated payment processing solution as part of your portfolio of offerings helps customers get paid faster by their customers, better manage their cash flow and offer end users both convenience and security.

The best news is that our Uluro® uPayments is a standalone solution that makes it possible to add EBPP, eBill, EIPP or payment processing with site branding and security without costly and time-consuming IT intervention. uPayments seamlessly integrates with the other Uluro e-presentment modules—uDeliver and uWeb—while also receiving and adjusting PDFs from alternative software platforms. Uluro’s uPayments module provides a secure, PCI-compliant solution that meets customer preferences by offering multiple distribution methods to send electronic bills, invoices, or notices through a customer’s preferred channel (print, email, text). The solution offers additional payment options as well, including partial and over-payments, future and recurring payments, one-time guest payments, convenience/service fees, late fees and discounts.

Here is some even better news: When you seamlessly integrate uPayments with your current customer communications management (CCM) software modules and services, you can take advantage of an additional, recurring revenue stream and transform your business by offering more new services and improving your cash flow and collections.

In a world where one can order a pair of sneakers today and have them tomorrow, there is little need to delay going digital with billing and payments. The time to have a qualified and proven user-friendly payment solution is now.

For over 34 years, Transformations has been providing software and services to meet the needs of print service providers (PSPs) and enterprises of all sizes. Our team of CCM experts are trained to identify the best solution that fits your company’s needs and budget. Our clients get more than a CCM software solution suite, they get a partner whose goal year after year is to help them innovate and grow their business. How can we help you reach your customer communications goals in 2022?

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