uPAYMENTS: Expand revenue for you and cash flow for your customers with real-time payment solutions

Simplified Payment Processing Software

Uluro® uPayments is a powerful platform that enables traditional print service providers to complement their existing services with electronic bill presentment and secure payment functionality adding more value to the overall customer offering. Generate and deliver bills automatically across multiple channels using Uluro’s fully integrated bill payment solution that offers complete site branding and security that satisfies the most demanding requirements—all without the need for complex programming. As a standalone solution, uPayments can seamlessly integrate with your current software platform.

With Uluro’s uPayments solution you can:

  • Quickly add a user-friendly platform with full-scale EBPP, eBill, EIPP or payment processing capabilities
  • Easily send electronic bills, invoices, or notices through your customer’s preferred channel (print, email, text)
  • Securely receive payments on your customers’ behalf
  • Generate additional revenue for Service Providers
  • Enterprises can reduce DSO and streamline the Revenue Cycle Management process
  • Set up an application once and deploy it across multiple customers and multiple delivery channels

uPayment key functionality &benefits:

  • Secure PCI Compliant Solution
  • Both Credit Card & ACH payments
  • Direct Integration to Payment Processor and low rates
  • Partial Payments & Over Payments
  • User-Friendly Payment Interface
  • Future Payments & Recurring Payments
  • OnceAmation Quick Deployment
  • One-Time Guest Payments
  • Fast Approvals and structured Onboarding Process
  • Convenience Fees and Service Fees
  • Extensive Reporting Dashboard
  • Payment Late Fees and Discounts
  • Collect payments via web mobile, SMS, IVR
  • Payment Credits

Security that satisfies the most demanding payment requirements

Uluro’s uPayments integrates directly with multiple Payment Processors such as FIS/Worldpay and First American Payment Systems, eliminating the need for costly gateways and supports the many diverse requirements for B2B and B2C billing. The use of tokenization to securely store credit cards directly with the payment processor and not within the uPayments application provides a PCI compliant solution while providing end-users both the convenience and security they desire.

Complete preference management and integration with the Uluro CCM software platform

Uluro’s uPayments is more than a simple ePresentment solution. It is a powerful ePayment platform that focuses on convenience and end-user preferences (both communication method and billing preference). As a preference management platform, uPayments ensures that every account for a specific client has their preferences linked to it.

Expand your account portfolio with uPayments. When you seamlessly integrate uPayments with your current CCM software modules and services, you can take advantage of an additional revenue stream that can transform your business.

Contact Uluro's payment processing software developers for more information on uPayments and how it can streamline your payment processing.