Simplified Payment Processing Software

uPayments allows you to easily send electronic bills to your clients and securely receive payments on their behalf at incredibly lowest rates.

With uPayments, you have the option of sending bills or payment reminders though traditional mail, email, or text messaging. Your customers will then be able to make their payment online, by check, or simply by replying to the text message - allowing you to charge their credit card accordingly.

Become a Fully Featured EBPP or EIPP Provider

uPayments enables mailers to add EBPP, eBill, EIPP or payment processing to bills and invoices without the headache of months of programming. 

Our payment procession software allows mailers and communication providers to set something up once and deploy it across multiple customers without the need for web or database developers. Give customers have the ability to pay one time without the need to establish an account or authenticate into a payment portal.

Electronic Payment Processing Solutions

One of the amazing features of uPayments is the high-level of integration into a large payment processor, eliminating the need for costly gateways.
Uluro uPayments supports many high level requirements for B2B and B2C billing:

  • Partial Payments
  • Future Payments
  • Over payment
  • Re-Occurring payments
  • Guest payments for payments without the need for an account

With the ability to support and set up:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Amex
  • Discover
  • Check
  • ACH

Full support for convenience fees or processing fees. Many billing companies like to offer ACH. However, end users like to use credit cards. uPayments fully supports payment method based fees.

Contact Uluro's payment processing software developers for more information on uPayments and how it can streamline your payment processing.