ADF, Print, & Mail Tracking

uTrack supports jobs created in other composition systems, tracking them through print, insertion and mailing; with the ability to support full job or piece level verification. uTrack links to the Uluro Reprint feature to automatically reprint damaged pieces and provide 100% verification of mailing. uTrack also provides a complete Automated Document Factory (ADF) when connected with your mail inserters.

Automated Tracking of Your Entire Production Process

A complete operational tracking solution with SLA management, job ticket support, and multiple Dashboards; uTrack provides each person in the manufacturing process with a simple interface to help them manage production jobs and mail pieces.

Along with production management capabilities, uTrack provides an internal mail tracking solution to keep on top of deliveries every step of the way. The mailroom tracking feature also includes email to print software for a streamlined printing process – and once everything is printed and shipped, uTrack stays current on the shipment’s progress.

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Explore the Features of Uluro’s uTrack below:

uTrack provides organizations with the ability to take any number of files available and combine them into a single production run, all on-demand. Uluro provides the flexibility and capability to achieve the levels of production efficiency once thought to be unreachable in the document production process, allowing for longer production runs which equal reduced setup times and increased throughput per hour; therefore creating the lowest cost per unit obtainable.

Uluro’s dashboard provides informational access to any user with rights for each job and the mail pieces within the job through a windows based interface. Clients will be able to track their jobs daily from file receipt and proofing through production to final delivery to the USPS.

With full mobile and tablet support, the dashboard ensures your sales and customer service staff are not constantly causing production interruptions. Further, an alert feature enables messages to pass through the dashboard in regards to status changes and additional job information.

Uluro allows for the automated creation of a user defined “job ticket” upon the completion of a client data transmission. This job ticket is the initial document used to trigger the physical production process and follows the job through the entire production process.

Advantages to Job Tickets:

  • Custom design a job ticket to contain all relevant information for document processing to help reduce mistakes and increase productivity
  • Job tickets print automatically upon file receipt on a user defined printer reducing the need for manual creation and intervention
  • CSR’s can easily update job ticket user defined fields when job changes are required such as special inserting instructions or material changes, reducing the need for internal IT resource to make such changes

Uluro can support all of your camera and scanner requirements via the creation and printing of virtually all font-based barcodes. Examples include:

  • Production (2 Dimensional (2D) or Matrix): 2D, DataMatrix, QR Code, PDF417
  • Postal Specific: Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB), POSTNET, PLANET
  • Production (Linear or 1D): Code 25 (2of5), Code 39 (3of9), Code 128, Codabar
  • Other: OMR, OCR

Uluro allows for various methods in which a client “pull list” (any user defined grouping of data that requires special handling) can be created and handled accordingly.

  • Automated: This method involves an end user identifying specific records to be segmented via a unique data field or business rule. Uluro will automatically segment these identified records and create a separate job file to be handled accordingly within production.
  • Web Proof: This method involves an end user identifying specific records to be segmented via a unique data filed or business rule. Via the web, the identified records are then provided back to the end user prior to production to be analyzed and individually selected for special handling. Records can also be deleted.

Uluro’s SQL backend provides for an amazing tracking solution that can provide your organization with mail tracking files to suit any custom ADF suite.


  • JIF
  • MRDF
  • HAL
  • IDF
  • IDX
  • KIC

These files can be automatically created and submitted to any internal tracking solution. The strength of an open database backend makes reporting and tracking integration simple and ensures that all data is easily available when needed.

Tracking files contain names, addresses, and other pertinent information for every record that is contained within a file. This tracking file is automatically generated and uploaded from Uluro.

This file can be accessed by intelligent inserters and camera systems when the job is being run to ensure that 100% of records were in fact inserted and mailed. Uluro allows you to quickly identify the existence of duplicate, missing, and out of sequence documents, eliminating the opportunity for those pieces to be erroneously inserted and mailed.

Uluro provides several types of standard audit reports before, during, and after each job is processed. These reports include: production reports for accounting and quality control, custom reports for end users, and postal reports. All reports are generated automatically when the files are processed before they reach the print queue. The reports are then manually selected by the laser operator and printed on demand.

Sampling of Standard Reports include:

  • File Confirmation Report: electronic confirmation for the end user documenting the name of the file(s) sent, the date and time the file(s) was processed, the count provider by the end user, and the count we actually received and processed (if the end user includes a record count).
  • Itemized Submission Report: indicates the number of total documents and total number of multiple pages that were submitted and printed. This report can be automatically faxed or emailed to the end user.
  • Bad Address Report: generated during the address cleansing process, our software will catch any incorrect addresses in customer files and will produce a report detailing all addresses that are incorrect or considered undesirable.
  • Account Detail Report: a very detailed report that gives individual’s account ID, account name, and exact dollar amount billed. It also can identify any specific exclusions requested by the client (i.e. any individuals with zero balances or credit balances).

Custom reports can easily be built to meet any additional needs or end user requirements.

Uluro’s Print Select module provides a simple GUI that can identify and locate any document within seconds. Print Select offers multiple solutions in regards to the reprint process:

  • Manually generate an individual reprint by selecting the production file and keying in any user defined unique identifier (i.e. account number, sequence number, name, etc.) located on the document
  • Reprint the entire file as well, or only select a portion of the file which can be segmented by page range, sequence range, account range, tray range, etc.
  • Search for individual reprints across multiple print files if you are not sure which file to select for the required reprint
  • Uluro enables integration with external ADF solutions for automating the reprint process via system generated exception files eliminating the need for manual intervention
  • Production files can be archived in the queue as long as you require until deleted

Tracking is at the heart of Uluro. A database record is created for each data file submission in the system. At each transaction point, the database record for the submission changes status and a transaction database record is created.

Uluro’s tracking database control gives you piece of mind, ensuring every transaction and notification point is tracked, managed, and available for easy retrieval in the database.

In today production print environments having trained staff is never enough. A successful production shop needs a job management system that utilizes technology and advanced tool sets to ensure optimal performance. This is Uluro!

Uluro's secure database is a central location to control print files across one of more sites.

  • Security: Advanced security features to control and track access to jobs and print files.
  • Grouping: Group via stock, type, weight, or form to reduce the number of paper changes that are required and maximize your production efficiencies.
  • Search: Staff can quickly search hundreds or thousands of files to locate the desired job.
  • Status: Jobs are automatically marked as completed or printed to remove the change of double printing.
  • Resubmission: Job resubmission is rights based and tracked in the reporting to ensure tracking of mail piece integrity, stock and reduce any change duplication.
  • Queue Depth: Advanced SLA features and job access administration controls can eliminate cherry picking and ensure that high priority jobs are never overlooked for easy single stock long run jobs.
  • Access: The system automatically logs users out upon inactivity to prevent unauthorized access to print files and data.

Set your delivery method with a click of a button. Uluro makes switching from hard copy to email to online presentment simple.

  • Auto-combine jobs based on defined business rules
  • Select presort method via simple drop down selection
  • Enter weights and thickness to determine exact tray and pallet size
  • Easily select/call out any outside program written in any language (i.e. PERL) for pre-processing and post-processing. This allows your programmers to continue writing code in the language they prefer and know best.

Uluro completely automates the receipt and pre-processing process without the need for manual intervention.

  • Automatically receive data via Secure FTP (FTPS), email, or web submission
  • Preform data validation audits such as MD5SUM (a digital fingerprint ensuring no file is submitted twice), verifying page length, checking for missing fields, ensuring validity of account ID, confirming dollar balances and calculations, and pattern matching
  • Send out automated email notification to selected contract indicating complete file receipt, specific counts received, accuracy of data, or alert contacts if errors are present
  • Upon successful receipt and validation, data files are immediately submitted for online proofing or directly into production if proofing is not required

Using Uluro’s OnceAmation® technology, an application is set up once and files can be securely transmitted, validate, and automatically submitted to production without IT intervention.