Automated Document Factory (ADF) Workflow Automation Software

uTrack ADF End-to-end software solutions

#1 End-to-End Solution to Automate Workflow Processes

Start a transformative journey in automated document factory workflows with Uluro's cutting-edge workflow automation software. As industry leaders, we challenge conventions and deliver efficiency beyond expectation. Ready to redefine your workflow experience?

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Improve Workflows with Efficiency and Precision

Automated Document Factory (ADF) Workflow Automation Software streamlines and automates document-related processes to improve operational efficiency. Reduce manual intervention, improve accuracy, and achieve cost-effective document management solutions with Uluro. Our powerful ADF workflow automation software stands out for its seamless and simple implementation.

Streamlined Operational Excellence: Uluro's ADF workflow automation software provides a seamless and intuitive automation experience, simplifying complex workflows.

Transformative Cost-Efficiency: A catalyst for significant cost savings, optimizing resource utilization, and delivering a compelling return on investment through streamlined document workflows and reduced operational expenses.

Unmatched Precision and Reliability: Enhance the accuracy and reliability of document processing. Error-free document processing and consistent high-quality outcomes is what makes Uluro the new standard in ADF workflow automation software.

Revolutionize Customer Communications

Transform customer communications with Uluro's ADF workflow automation software. Powerful software capable of optimizing applications, streamlining postal processing, and ensuring personalized, error-free interactions for enhanced relationships and user experiences. Revolutionize your approach to customer communication with industry-leading automation software from Uluro.

Automated Document Factory Workflows Automation Software

  • Optimize Applications & Infrastructure: Conduct "any-to-any" data transforms, optimizing device and data quality. Drive various printing & finishing devices.
  • Streamline Postal Processing: Cleanse & sort precomposed data, householding for fewer mailings.
  • Data Refinement: Integrate digital onserts & inserts. Enhance documents without source re-coding.
  • Streamline E-Delivery & Archiving: Boost user and call center productivity. Instantly distribute data and documents, ensuring compliance initiatives.
  • Efficient Job Management & Control: Dynamically track and report. Implement granular security settings for operator efficiency. Automate exception files & reprints.
  • Robust Data Security: Implement stringent data security measures, ensuring compliance with protection standards within automated document factory workflows.
  • Personalized Communication: Integrate personalized content features for tailored communication, enhancing customer relationships and user experiences.

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Automate your workflow processes

Uluru’s production dashboard, uTrack, is a comprehensive CCM workflow system for scheduling, monitoring and reviewing the progress of your jobs throughout the entire document production process. From the time files arrive for processing until they enter the mailstream, the CCM workflow dashboard provides vital information updated in real-time.

Efficiently manage CCM workflow and reduce costs

Core within this workflow is Uluro’s Print Management solution that removes the requirement for print operators to manage the queuing of jobs while operating the printers. With automation, what used to be several manual steps in the production process becomes fully automated. The result is a reduction of cost-per-piece, improved efficiency and less opportunity for manual errors to occur. Here are the key benefits:

  • Cost reduction
  • Decreased manual errors
  • Scalability
  • Increased flexibility and customer satisfaction

Give customers the best online experience possible

Complete the CCM workflow cycle with the ability to quickly create custom web portals with online file submission, web proofing, job tracking and payments—all without the need for programmers. uWeb is a powerful site branding solution that offers full Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) support, configuring hierarchy relationships and supporting parent-child relationships for all required levels of access. Using a branded portal, you can easily deploy customer documents electronically and display them accurately and securely via rights-based security.

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