A Case Study in Efficiency and Security with the Uluro CCM Platform

OBRIEN Insurance Solutions is a provider of multichannel policyholder communications for the insurance industry, offering services in print and mail, electronic bill presentment and payment, and document design. In the early 2000s, OBRIEN engaged an overseas vendor to process various insurance files into print-ready documents, but as the company grew, managing the relationship became increasingly difficult. OBRIEN faced several challenges working with the offshore partner that included frequent miscommunications, lack of control of timing and processes, and the stress of meeting SLAs. All this led OBRIEN to look for a different document support solution.

OBRIEN’s Chief Operating Officer, Mike Mulcahy, was introduced to Transformations’ Uluro customer communications management (CCM) platform at an association conference for the digital document and customer communications industry. After hearing more about the platform at the event from satisfied users, Mulcahy decided to assess whether Uluro could fill some of the gaps they were experiencing with their offshore vendor. Impressed with its ease of use and ability to simplify transactional mail tasks that previously required technical expertise, OBRIEN implemented Uluro.

 Today, OBRIEN is taking advantage of the benefits of a wide range of Uluro modules, including Uluro’s uBridge, uCompose, uSetup, uControl, uPrint, and uWeb. The exciting difference Uluro brings to OBRIEN is the opportunity to build their own customized workflow around the software’s unique core technology. Uluro is providing an elevated level of automation that unifies a host of CCM processes to eliminate manual steps in the operational workflow, resulting in faster implementation, ongoing process efficiency, and the ability to securely deliver documents to a customer’s preferred channel. One of the biggest benefits Uluro brings is what OBRIEN was seeking—the ability to do the work needed with non-technical staff.

 While the company is pleased that most of the day-to-day work can be handled by internal staff, for complex tasks that require technical expertise beyond what their staff can handle, OBRIEN relies on Uluro’s Professional Services team. By partnering with Uluro's Professional Services, OBRIEN gains access to a team of experts who can provide guidance and assistance in addressing complex technical challenges.

 The future of OBRIEN's relationship with Transformations includes launching Transformations’ breakthrough security solutions, uSecure and Smart Delivery, both of which address industry-critical issues specific to data security. ​ uSecure offers intelligent protection that travels with the file, keeping data encrypted throughout the entire workflow.​ Smart Delivery is unlike any other security software in that it makes instant access to documents possible with one-click convenience. OBRIEN plans to use these modules to meet the evolving data security needs and goals of its clients.

 OBRIEN’s story is a great case study on how Uluro can give you control over your own environment and provide the ability to accomplish tasks with a largely non-technical staff. To read more on how Uluro is enhancing the quality of every communication, lowering costs, and empowering new revenue for OBRIEN, we invite you to read the full case study here.

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