UKG Chooses Uluro for the Secure Processing and Delivery of Critical Communications

UKG is a leading provider of end-to-end human resources, payroll, and workforce management supporting enterprise clients with solutions ranging from tax and payroll to time clocks and cloud-based onboarding and recruitment software. The company prints approximately 1 million paychecks and 12 million tax forms (including W-2s, 1095s, and 1099s) every month. Despite the increasing availability of direct deposit and online employee portals, there are still situations where printed documents are necessary. For example, a paper check may be required for a recent hire, or a W-2 may need to be mailed to a former employee who no longer has access to the company portal.

 UKG was experiencing continued growth, which added to an already busy workload. As the company expanded to serve more clients, the volume of printed documents also increased, emphasizing the need for a more streamlined approach to managing and processing printed documents. ​UKG set out to look for a solution that would allow them to input a data stream and manipulate it, giving them greater control over the outcomes. ​They also wanted a software platform that could easily scale jobs up or down depending on the size of the client. ​Additionally, security was crucial due to the sensitive personally identifiable information (PII) included in transactional and workplace documents.

 After performing their due diligence, UKG chose Transformations’ Uluro, a comprehensive CCM software platform that easily creates effective communications, proofs files for each delivery channel, and reduces overall development and programming time. Uluro has improved workflow efficiency for UKG, allowing for efficient processing of massive amounts of data in a reasonable amount of time. ​Beyond providing greater control over the printing process and more efficient management of jobs, Uluro's uControl and uPrint modules enable UKG to scale jobs up or down depending on the size of the client to ensure the flexibility UKG requires to meet the needs of all its clients, regardless of their size.

 Additionally, UKG expanded its design capabilities with Uluro's uCompose and uSetup modules. ​ uCompose allows UKG to lay out various file types exactly as they would appear in print. uSetup makes it possible to create more visually appealing and customized documents by enabling flexible configuration to incorporate logos, signatures, and design elements specified by individual clients.

 Of course, in a business like UKG’s, compliance and security are priority number one. The partnership with Transformations and adoption of Uluro has resulted in more secure production. Uluro's uSecure module offers persistent protection for critical data by keeping files encrypted throughout the entire production process. This ensures compliance with regulatory requirements and enhances the security of sensitive data.

 And we can’t forget the importance of redundancy and reliability when it comes to mission-critical documents. As Uluro became integral to UKG's document production, redundancy was ensured at each print site. ​This meant that in the event of a failure at one site, production could continue seamlessly at another site, ensuring no downtime and reliable delivery of paychecks and other critical documents.

 The benefits Uluro is providing to UKG are many: streamlined document management, scalability, compliance and security, enhanced design capabilities, error correction efficiency, and redundancy. But most important to us, as a company, is the increased customer loyalty, trust, and partnership we have with UKG.

 For more on this case study and to hear what UKG has to say, click here.

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