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Uluro is a preference management-driven CCM software service ideal for enterprise mailers, data processing centers, print services providers, and letter shops. This industry-leading CCM software platform provides a multitude of industries and businesses worldwide with a competitive advantage. Uluro’s modules allow you to expand your offerings, reduce costs, and streamline your management processes today.

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What is CCM Software?

It’s a common question: What is CCM in software, and how can it help? Customer communications management (CCM) software manages and streamlines communications with clients or other businesses. CCM software provides a simplified method to communicate across multiple mediums like mail, email, SMS and web.

Uluro’s CCM solution software vastly reduces the amount of time and effort spent communicating with clients. Our CCM software is also effective for businesses-to-business interaction (sometimes called CCM B2B)  – all while retaining timeliness, relevance, and a personalized feel.

Common usages of CCM software include:

  • Billing and Invoice
  • Document Generation
  • Mail Tracking System
  • Customer Service
  • Data Management
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Analysis
  • Regulation and Compliance
CCM Feature
Inventory Management
Manages inventory of templates, images and other digital assets used for customer communication. Helps ensure consistency and accuracy.
Data Security
Ensures the security of customer data through encryption, access controls and other measures.
Document Composition
Allows for the creation of custom communications like invoices, statements and marketing material.
Collaborative Campaigns
Assists collaboration among departments/teams.
End-to-End ADF Workflow
Increases efficiency and automation for custom communications, delivery and archiving.
Omnichannel Delivery
Enables delivery across multiple channels including email, SMS, print and web.
Electronic Delivery
Delivery of sensitive documents like contracts or statements via electronic channels.
Real-Time Payment Solutions
Allows customers to make real-time payments with instant confirmation.
Provides a platform for electronic bill payment and archiving.

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